Get Paid for Nothing but A Story

Have you ever experienced of getting paid for nothing? For some people it’s a pleasure for having such thing. Surely, it is terrible when another one has it.

Today, I have 2 classes (yup, I am a teacher). The first one was sucessfuly conducted. The proble came when the second would start. No body came into my classroom although it had been running for 30 minutes. In my first 15 miutes, I tought my students would be late, as usual as in the first meeting. Then I confirmed to Administration Staff informing this problem. They said “Just wait Sir…”.

I was afraid of making a mistake in my schedule. Just after I had checked my schedule, and it was right, I went back to my classroom, and waited for my students (if any).

Time went by, none came,,,,I turned my mind into being more relaxed, used the facilities, internet. And I wrote this story….Finally time ended….a story created….and get paid!!


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